Where Can Alloy Wheel Hub Motor Be Used?

Update:Sep 23,2022
Summary:Where can Alloy Wheel Hub Motor be used?1. Application of Alloy Wheel Hub MotorWe know that electric motors are used in various forms of electric vehi...

Where can Alloy Wheel Hub Motor be used?

1. Application of Alloy Wheel Hub Motor

We know that electric motors are used in various forms of electric vehicles. There are motors with gears and drivetrains, as well as in-wheel motors that mount directly to the wheels. The brushless in-wheel motor is the most widely used electric bicycle motor in the world, and it is gradually transferring its influence to large electric vehicles such as electric vehicles, electric buses, and electric trucks.

2.The benefits of in-wheel motors

1. Since the hub motor is directly integrated into the vehicle motor, the installation is simple and convenient. This feature of in-wheel motors can help us easily convert any existing bike into an electric bike. That's why these motors are best suited for conversion kits.

2. If in-wheel motors are used, the vehicle does not need a differential.

3. These motors are external rotor motors. Their motor ratio is 1:1. Every time the motor turns, the wheel turns with it.

4. The hub motor adopts a multi-pole design, and the motor provides higher torque. Higher torque is essential for the initial start of the vehicle.

5. Since the hub motor adopts BLDC motor technology, the technology uses electronic commutation instead of mechanical commutation. Therefore, this motor requires less maintenance and is more reliable than comparable motors.

6. The in-wheel motor has no gear or chain transmission in any form, which improves the running efficiency of the whole vehicle compared with similar products. In addition, the absence of transfer components means that there is no need to use oils that could contaminate the product.

7. Another advantage is that the hub motor has low noise during operation, which will bring a pleasant riding experience.