What Are The Types Of Motors?

Update:Dec 23,2022
Summary:What's wrong with the types of electric motors?The enclosure also protects other equipment and personnel from the high temperatures and heat generated...

What's wrong with the types of electric motors?

The enclosure also protects other equipment and personnel from the high temperatures and heat generated by the motor, improving the safety and performance of nearby equipment.

The motor enclosure also ensures that your AC motor (if this is the case) is effectively cooled, which can affect performance. The enclosure also keeps noise levels to a minimum, contributing to a comfortable and productive working environment.

Motor housing type

Anti-drip (ODP)

A non-drip (ODP) housing prevents water droplets from entering the motor from vertical angles up to 15 degrees. These enclosures allow outside air to circulate freely through the motor windings, effectively cooling the motor. These enclosures are primarily intended for dry, clean indoor applications and environments.

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)

TCF motor housings are closed, preventing the mixing of inside and outside. But the frame isn't completely airtight or waterproof. An external shaft-mounted fan on the rear of the motor blows air over the outside of the motor frame to cool the motor. This versatile housing type is commonly used for fans, pumps, compressors and belt drives.

Totally Enclosed Water Cooled (TEWAC)

TEWAC motor housings use heat exchangers to efficiently keep the motor cool. Heat exchangers contain fluids such as freshwater that absorb heat from circulating hot air.

Totally Enclosed Non-Vented (TENV)

TENV motor enclosures are very similar to TEFC types, except that they have no fan cooling system and rely on ambient air to keep the motor temperature stable. They're a little picky because they need a little more TLC. For example, you need to avoid frequent stops and starts, which generate heat inside the motor windings. Therefore, this enclosure is more common on smaller motors.